Olive oil infusion per 100g

Olive oil infusion per 100g

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Award Winning Extra Virgin

Olive Oil. PDO Kalamata

Hand Picked Olives, Only From

Our Grove, Nowhere Else

100% Bird Nest Safe

Grown to Organic standard.

Full Certification in 2023

No Artificially Watered Trees

Low Intensity Farming For

Greater Biodiversity

Ilias Panagiotakopoulos inherited the centuries

old family olive grove in 2017. The grove, situated

in Messinia, Greece needed some work so with

his best friend William Uden, they set about re-

storing the venerable trees to their former glory.

William grew up on organic farmland in Wales

and the two of them, began restoring the grove

and harvesting olives in a gentle way, working

alongside nature, not against it.

We don’t use chemicals and we don’t artificially

water the trees. No weed killers, no machinery

and bird safe harvesting makes Aeithalis the best

choice for sustainability here in the UK as well as

back in Greece

In order to adhere to EU olive oil guidelines and allow retailers

to legally sell on tap all of our olive oil is infused with trace

amounts of Rosemary. It is an infusion in name only and the

taste and smell are not affected.


Customer Reviews

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So affordable

I only buy my olive oil from the cabin, ita such great value to money. I use it in dips, hummus, over roast veg and a little in bathbombs as it makes my skin soft.

Joanna D.

Very good quality olive oil

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