Our Story

Family Run Social Enterprise 

I'm a middle aged mum of two children with my husband, we live in Chafford Hundred, Essex. I have always been an upcycler finding unwanted items and repurposing them. My mother had instilled this in me from a child, presents had to be opened neatly so to save the wrapping paper, kitchen foil had to be cleaned, dried for another use and the wrapper from butter was saved to grease the baking trays!

Forward many years and a TV program called 'War on plastic with Hugh & Anita came and set me on my plastic free mission. I always hated the plastic on fruit and veg would naturally be drawn to loose produce, but after watching 'War on plastic' I was determined to try to shop plastic free and discovered it was impossible.

The pasta aisle was the eye opener, I looked down that aisle and every shelf was in single use unrecyclable plastic packaging, except one. This one was a cardboard box (little plastic viewing window, but it was the only option!) which was priced at £3 something and sitting next to it, a home brand at 80p in shiny plastic packaging. It felt like a losing battle and an expensive one! So I went looking for a refill shop and at the time the nearest one was 45mins away so not that eco friendly, but I worked that way so would detour a bit to pop in.

Covid 19 arrived and my 22 year career was over but giving me the opportunity (and some funds) to set up what I had been dreaming up for the past year! So we found a 60 year old horse box, which is to be upcycled into a beautifully useful Refill Cabin.

Meet Ermintrude the Eco Cabin!

Meet Ermintrude the Eco Cabin