Georganics Activated Charcoal oil pulling mouthwash 100ml

Georganics Activated Charcoal oil pulling mouthwash 100ml

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Drawing inspiration from ancient Ayurvedic practices, our oil pulling taps into natural antimicrobial properties to combat harmful mouth bacteria. Oil pulling is the softer and deeper way to clean your mouth. Its gentle formula not only diminishes plaque buildup but also naturally whitens teeth by eliminating stains. 

This natural mouthwash is based on an Ayurvedic technique of swishing oil through teeth and gums to pull out bacteria and debris. Flavoured with organic Peppermint oil and containing Activated Charcoal for its stain removal properties.

  • Plaque Reducing Coconut Oil Formula
  • Traditional Ayurvedic Practice
  • Free from fluoride, SLS & glycerin
  • Supply 100ml / 10-15 applications
  • COSMOS Organic, Cruelty-free & Vegan

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride*^, Cocos Nucifera Oil*^, Mentha Piperita Oil*^, Tocopherol^, Charcoal Powder^, Limonene*^, Linalol*^. Ingredients: *Organic, ^Natural. Of total: 98% *Organic, 100% ^Natural.

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